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The majestic "City of Sails" is surrounded by water, which defines its sparkling appeal. The magnificent harbour is reminiscent of other famous waterside cities, but with its own unique charm. Auckland has a rich maritime history, shaping its identity as a seafaring city. Auckland is relatively small geographically, which makes it a pleasure to explore on foot and with its dynamic population the city has more of a cosmopolitan, sophisticated feel to it and with an easy, friendly atmosphere.

The City

Auckland shines as the commercial and cultural centre of New Zealand. It is situated on 50 islands and 48 dead volcanoes which make it unusual and breathtaking to behold. Stroll along the water, a hike on a volcanic island, or a cruise through the glorious harbour — just a few ways to absorb the delights of the city. This city has the largest Polynesian population in the world, adding to its cosmopolitan, dynamic appeal. High-end fashion houses, sophisticated restaurants and chic bars compliment the abundance of outdoor activities. The mythical, magical natural beauty of New Zealand made it an obvious choice for the setting of the imaginary Middle Earth, in the films of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. This enchanting wonderland is filled with craggy mountains, rolling, rustic hills, endless green meadows, gentle beaches and dramatic cliffs. It is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, with pursuits from rock climbing and scuba diving, to parasailing and white water rafting. Horse riding is also a popular activity in New Zealand. If you want to create a "Lord of the Rings" experience - of galloping across Middle Earth - this is the perfect place to do it! Auckland has more boats per capita than any other city in the world, which explains the national obsession of sailing. Home of America’s Cup, boating becomes an infectious pastime to almost every visitor who crosses its shores. This luscious leafy city is a joy to explore. Its infectious energy emerges in the open and affable population and lively activities. Kiwis are proud of their country. They adore visitors and love to rave about this glorious city. Don’t be surprised if you make new friends among the locals!

Do & See

The whole region of Auckland is just waiting to be explored and with its stunning nature, beautiful beaches, pristine rainforest and the magnificent Hauraki Gulf, the city does for sure offer an amazing travel experience for their visitors. Auckland is the perfect place to recharge your batteries with some pampering, see a variety of scenic landscapes, or to experience the buzz of urban bustle or why not get a thrill of some adventure activities. No matter what you are, looking for you will for sure find it in Auckland.


Auckland’s cuisine is inventive and incredibly diverse representing the multitude of cultures that make up its population. There are many seafood restaurants around due to the coastal location of Auckland. This means the city always has a wealth of fresh seafood at its disposal. There are thousands of restaurants, cafes, bars and wineries, offering everything from fine dining to cheap eats where you can treat your taste buds with yummy and fresh food.


Sit back and relax over a cup of coffee or tea, while watching the world go by in one of Auckland's many inviting cafes. Unique cafes are dotted around the town so you will easily find one when you are craving for a hot beverage or something sweet, like a fresh baked cake!

Bars & Nightlife

Kiwis are a relaxed, friendly, fun-loving people, and relaxing with a drink is an integral part of the culture here. Whether you are looking for an intimate venue for quiet conversation or a lively festive atmosphere, anything your heart desires is easily found. Auckland has truly a lively, energetic nightlife, with something for everyone. Various DJ clubs with any type of music abound, available every night of the week.


When in Auckland, shopping is a must! Auckland has a wide array of high street fashion, local designers, house wares, crafts and eclectic markets to explore. Discover one of the many vibrant shopping streets where you will find boutique and designer stores, offering some of New Zealand’s best-known names as well as top international labels. There are also numerous of malls to head for where you basically will find everything you are looking for and also where you can pick some great Kiwi gifts to bring back home for the loved ones. Auckland markets are also a safe bet when looking for that special gift, art, craft or jewellery. A local note: Karangahape Road is widely known as the abbreviated K’Road.

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